2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. All the work on this done by me and customized a bit.

  • Re-painted deep Black with 6 coats of Clearcoat.
  • Sanded paint flat and buffed it up to give it a show car finish.
  • 5.7 Litre HEMI Engine,
  • Fully Loaded with every available option
  • Gray leather interior – near perfect,
  • Brand new tires200 miles.
  • New Custom wheels
  • Black factory privacy glass in back
  • Inspected in February
  • All Wheel Drive with Four Wheel Low
  • Trailer/hitch package
  • Vehicle has 60,000 original miles
  • Lifetime Satelite Radio.

Asking $13,000.00. Call John if any questions. 215-778-3240. Check out these pictures. This Jeep is an eye catcher.  This Jeep won’t last long once we start advertising it. Check out the photos and video.

For Sale – 2015 Ford Transit Connect

I have another beautiful, LIKE BRAND NEW vehicle FOR SALE. A 2015 Ford Transit Connect XLT Mini Van with rear Cargo loading doors. This vehicle only has 8.905 miles on it. It is absolutely beautiful and immaculate. This would be a great van for anyone who has a Summer Camp Program, A Day School that needs a vehicle for transporting students, A large family, A hospital that needs to transport patients. This has a 7 person capacity. It is Fully Loaded and has an Automatic Transmission with a 2.4 Litre, 4 Cylinder engine. Gas mileage is 20 MPG City and 28 MPH Highway. Has a rear back up camera. Car is located at Millevoi Auto Sales. Check out the pictures and video. Asking $19,995. Many more pictures if you need them. You can call me for more details – 215-778-3240.

Car Hacking?

Remember the “good old days”, when all you needed to get into a locked car was a coat hanger or a slim jim?  For a car thief to start your car, he simply needed to know which wires to touch together, and off he went.  Now we have anti-theft systems, car alarms, smart keys, and all kinds of security systems to keep people from breaking into our vehicles using traditional means.  Now a new type of criminal has emerged – the car hacker.

Car hacking?  It’s the next generation of auto thieves.  Cyber-security is one of the most discussed topics in today’s news – whether it’s our credit cards being compromised or an entire bank, it seems that our networks are consistently under attack by criminals.  Since cars are now able to access outside information, it’s no surprise that they have become targets as well.  Those of us who are skeptical that this could really happen need only read the following article published in 2016.  A major manufacturer hired two security experts to attempt to remotely disrupt an automobile while it was on the highway.  The results were frightening to say the least.   You can read it here.  So, now that cars are online, what possible problems could it pose?

Implications of the “Smart Car”

  • Temperature Controls    Your air conditioning and heating system is controlled by a computer.  Imagine not being able to turn your heat on in the winter or cool your car in the summer.  These systems are online, and as such, are vulnerable to outside intervention.
  •  Drive Control    There are companies who can already shut down a car on command, so it’s not unrealistic to expect that these companies could be hacked, or these systems hacked by cybercriminals.  Imagine Interstate 95 in rush hour traffic at the hands of a 10 year old with a remote control…
  • Braking   We’ve all seen the commercials where a car automatically applies the brakes for its inattentive driver.  The  same could be done from a remote location without any warning to the driver.

There are scores of other systems in our automobile which could fall under attack by a less than ethical computer nerd with a soft spot in their heart for the auto industry. In fact, this wireless car-jacking has been tested by industry professionals and the results sparked legislation to require new security measures in our cars.

The Future…

Fortunately, car manufacturers continue to do their own research to discover these vulnerabilities, but it looks like in the future these cars will now require software updates as well as oil changes.  Just like our phones and computers, our cars will need to be updated regularly and even now manufacturers are finding ways to automatically update their products without any worry from the consumer. As our cars get smarter, so will the criminals.  As a consumer, the more you know, the more you can protect yourself against cybercriminals.


Drive to Succeed

Chalfont Collision was recently featured in the Bucks County Intelligencer and Courier Times in the business section of the paper.  You can find the full article here if you’re a subscriber to the paper.  If not, below is a synopsis of the article.

John Reis celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Chalfont Collision Center this year.  And while he has enjoyed success, his life has not always been easy.  As a young child he watched his parents work long hours in a factory, struggling to meet the needs of the Bristol township family, and when his father had a heart attack at 35 and needed heart surgery, it made life even more difficult.  It was at this point John decided that he would strive to better himself and began working to improve his situation.  At age 14 he began repairing cars in his driveway after school and washed dishes in the evening.

After graduation John was hired as a car washer in a local Levittown body shop.  He stayed after hours to learn from the mechanics and quickly found that sometimes, “the way you fix cars in your driveway and the proper way to fix them in the body shop are 2 different things.”  He worked his way up to eventually becoming the manager of the body shop, working 60 to 70 hours a week, but after 20 years he realized he needed a change.  “I told my wife ‘I’m calling a realtor and am going to start my own business.'”  “I was missing a lot of stuff with my kids.  I wanted to put my family first because you can’t get yesterday back. That was my turning point. If I’m going to die of a heart attack it’s going to be for myself and not someone else.”

With 15 employees and a successful business, his customers are regularly surprised by the service they get.  One customer recently needed her Honda repaired, and the staff at Chalfont picked it up, fixed it, and then delivered it back to her driveway stocked with a box of cookies, notepads, pens, and reusable grocery bags.  He regularly purchases hundreds of boxes of girl scout cookies and other items to give to his customers.  “I didn’t have to do anything.  I just called Chalfont Collision and they did everything else”.

John says he learned a lot by working for someone else, and has sat his teens down to give them some advice.  This time, the father can provide a college education and a start on a good future.



Be Prepared

Those of us who were boy scouts at one time or another know the boy scout motto – “Be Prepared.”  This advice is good to heed when it comes to your car as well.  Winter is a time where a little advance preparation can go a long way in keeping you safe on the road and help you in the event you do get into a jam.  Here are a few tips to help keep your car winter-prepared.

  1. Check your spare tire.  Honestly,  when was the last time you even saw your spare tire?  We
    Being prepared in the snow can make your trip safer.

    Being prepared in the snow can make your trip safer.

    don’t think about it much, but when we need it, it sure is nice to know that it’s in good working order.  Take it out, make sure it’s inflated, and you’ll rest easier.

  2. Check your washer fluid.   Make sure you have enough washer fluid in your reservoir, and a spare gallon in the trunk.  It’s an inexpensive prospect, but invaluable in keeping your visibility sharp.
  3. Make sure your heating system is working.  If in doubt, bring your car in and we can make sure your heating and cooling system is working properly and has enough coolant.
  4. Change your wiper blades New wiper blades make for clear windshields.  Unless you’ve changed them in the past few months, they’re probably due.
  5. Keep a “Winter-Ready” kit.  See our post here to find out what to put in yours.
  6. Keep the Chalfont Collision number handy.  We’re here when you need us.  Our emergency number is (215)778-3240.  If you find yourself in trouble, give us a call.

Let it Snow!

The winter is finally here, the cold weather has finally hit us, and many of us have been caught unprepared.  Not to worry though, because Chalfont Collision Center is here to help!  We’ve come up with the “winter ready pack” – several items to put in your trunk which are all readily available at most department stores.

    1.  Extra Cash: Always have a few dollars in change, and about $10.00-$20.00 in cash.  It doesn’t go bad and fits neatly in your glove compartment.
    2.  Flashlight: One of the hand-crank ones or a good one with fresh batteries is a must.
    3. Phone Battery Charger: These are available everywhere and can keep you in communication with the outside world even when the battery in your car dies.
    4. Thermal Blanket: These are quite lightweight and reflect the heat back toward the subject.

      Lightweight but warm, thermal blankets are worth their weight in gold in the winter.

      Indispensable if you’re stuck for any length of time.  They cost between $5.00 and $10.00.

    5. Hand Warmers: A ten-pack of chemical hand-warmers can be purchased at most department stores and pharmacies and will keep you warm if you need to change a tire.
    6. Tire Filler: This can keep you inflated in an emergency.  This would also be a good time to check your spare tire and make sure it is functional.
    7. Extra Clothing: A few pairs of gloves, a hat, and a heavy flannel or wool shirt will do the trick.
    8. Jumper Cables:  This one seems like a no-brainer, but most people don’t have them.
    9. Small Shovel and Bag of Sand: Cheap clay cat litter will work as well. This can provide traction for your tires should you get stuck.
    10. A box of non-perishable food and a few bottles of water.  If you’ve got kids, a few boxes of granola bars can keep them happy in an otherwise difficult situation.
    11. Our Phone Number: Chalfont Collision : (215)778-3240. If you’re in an accident, or stuck on the road, help is a phone call away!